Our Services

Treaty Negotiations, Constitutional Development, Economic Benefit Agreements, Lands & Resource Negotiations, Corporate Commercial and Self-Governance

Treaty Negotiations

Mark L. Stevenson is an unapologetic advocate of the British Columbia Treaty process. In 1998, after serving as a Chief Treaty Negotiator for the Province of British Columbia, Mark began working with First Nations in the British Columbia Treaty process. Mark has provided services for all aspects of treaty negotiations including, as Chief Negotiator and legal counsel. As a lawyer and negotiator Mark has concluded negotiations of a Final Agreement, is currently working on concluding three draft Final Agreements and several Agreements in Principle. Under Mark’s direction, we provide legal and strategic advice as well as serving as negotiators in numerous treaty negotiations in British Columbia.

Economic Benefit Agreements

Mark Stevenson and Albert Peeling have concluded numerous economic benefit agreements, including revenue sharing agreements in the mining and forestry sectors. Mark and Albert have also negotiated comprehensive economic benefit agreements related to several BC Hydro mega projects resulting in cash compensation, revenue sharing, employment, contract work, lands and other benefits for their clients. Mark Stevenson and Albert Peeling have also negotiated Pipeline Benefit Agreements resulting in significant financial and other advantages for First Nations clients.

Corporate Commercial

Mike Miller has specialized in corporate law for over 20 years. He provides advice on setting up First Nations corporate structures to minimize liability and maximize tax advantages. Depending on the requirements, we will provide advice on corporate legal matters and establish non-profit societies, trusts, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, partnerships, joint ventures or other corporate structures to facilitate economic opportunities.

Constitutional Development

Constitutional development is a critical component of self-governance. Both Mark Stevenson and Albert Peeling have a strong background in constitutional law. Mark has worked with the federal and provincial governments on constitutional reform. Albert Peeling is a noted constitutional law expert. Collectively, we have worked on numerous First Nations constitutions.

Lands & Resource Negotiations

Mark Stevenson and Albert Peeling have worked on many lands related negotiations, including Treaty Adhesions, Specific Claims, Modern Treaties, Unsold Surrendered Land Claims, Interim Treaty Agreements and other lands related agreements with the Crown.


Nation building involves the creation of self-governing institutions. This includes not only the structures of self-governing institutions but the tools to ensure these institutions function in the context of the broader Canadian federation. Collectively, we are able to provide advice on the structures, policies and procedures for self-governing institutions, and the enactment of laws and bylaws respecting: Membership, Elections, Land Management, Financial Management and Conflicts of Interests.

Publications & Awards

Mark L. Stevenson has published a number of high-profile, academic articles in Canadian publications and journals, including many articles online pertaining to Aboriginal law, and treaty negotiation. Most recently, Mark was designated an Indspire Award Laureate for Law and Justice (2016).