Publications & Awards

A collection of our articles and publications in academic journals and online, as well as award designations


Formal Publications

Stevenson, Mark L. "Treaty Daze: Reflections On Negotiating Treaty Relationships Under the British Columbia Treaty Process"

in D.B. Tindall, Ronald Trosper, and Pamela Perreault, eds., Aboriginal People and Forest Lands in British Columbia and Canada, UBC Press (2013).

Stevenson, Mark L. "Métis Aboriginal Rights and the ‘Core of Indianness'"

(2004) 67:1 Sask. L. Rev. 301.

Stevenson, Mark L. "Section 35 and Métis Aboriginal Rights: Promises Must Be Kept"

in Ardith Walkem & Halie Bruce, eds., Box of Treasures or Empty Box? Twenty Years of Section 35 (Penticton, B.C.: Theytus Books, 2003).

Stevenson, Mark L. "Section 91(24) and Canada’s Legislative Jurisdiction with Respect to the Métis"

(2002) 1 Indigenous L.J. 237.

Stevenson, Mark L. & Albert C. Peeling "Probing the Parameters of Canada’s Crown–Aboriginal Fiduciary Relationship"

in Law Commission of Canada & Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, In Whom We Trust: A Forum on Fiduciary Relationships (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2002) 7.

Stevenson, Mark L. "Visions of Certainty; Challenging Assumptions"

published in Speaking Truth to Power: A Treaty Forum, (Ottawa: Law Commission of Canada, 2001)

Stevenson, Mark L. "Métis Aboriginal Rights: An Agenda for Law Reform"

in Frederica Wilson & Melanie Mallet, eds., Métis Crown Relations: Rights, Identity, Jurisdiction, and Governance  (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2008).

Online Articles

Mark L Stevenson "Metis Aboriginal Rights Revolution (LLM Thesis)"

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"In The News: BC Treaty Commission"

Mark L’Hirondelle Stevenson and Leonard George, long-time chief negotiators and treaty advocates in BC, are the 2016 Indspire Award recipients for Law and Justice and Public Service, respectively.


Indigenous Peoples' Council Designation,

In 2009, Mark L Stevenson received the Indigenous Peoples’ Counsel designation from the Indigenous Bar Association, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments achieved with honour and integrity.

Indspire Award Laureate, Law & Justice (2016),

Mark L Stevenson, recipient.

Service with Integrity

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